7 Pregnancy & Postpartum Resorts in Houston

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Maybe you have heard that Houston is a really nice place for raising a family. But, are you familiar with the fact that our city is an ideal place for experiencing pregnancy and giving birth? Only the best doctors and midwives work in our top-notch hospitals.

Furthermore, an attractive selection of stores that sell maternity clothes and baby gear, as well as numerous moms-to-be will help you learn and get everything you need. On top of that, there are many unique places, customized for expecting and new parents.

If you need any practical assistance, a piece of advice, emotional support, or just some company, products, and services, these places are perfect for you. Keep reading to find out which seven facilities are the best to get you started.

pregnancy postpartum resorts houston

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women

This Pavilion for Women is a popular spot for expecting parents, as well as for new parents. Their patient education department offers parenting classes suitable for almost every family. Essentials such as childbirth, baby care, and infant CPR are covered in these intimate, interactive classes.

Furthermore, there are some more specific classes; for example, preparing for multiple babies or even a grandparents’ class. There is also a weekly postpartum experience called New Mother, New Baby. This one-of-a-kind class is for small groups of mothers who have given birth recently.

You can also find the Bella Luna Boutique in The Pavilion for Women. Many parents enjoy shopping for nursing accessories, baby gifts, and adorable outfits. Also, you are welcome to measure your baby’s growth for free on a scale in the boutique. Moreover, various massage services are at your disposal (infant massage, prenatal, postnatal, etc.).

Center for Postpartum Family Health

This center offers individual, family, and couples therapy which focuses mainly on postpartum issues. All members working at the center are licensed counselors or family and marriage therapists. There is also a weekly, free support group for mothers.

New mothers sometimes feel reluctant when it comes to seeking postpartum support because that feels like admitting failure. However, counseling/therapy can be of great help throughout the postpartum period, even if you only feel down or overwhelmed. Many new moms said that attending this safe place was a life-changing experience.

If you don’t have many family members or friends close by, becoming a part of a group can be extremely helpful. So, if you feel like you could be better at parenting (and who couldn’t?), drop by on Wednesdays at noon. We will have a chat, commiserate, and get some advice on how to find your footing in the parenting world.

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The Mother Baby Bond

The Mother Baby Bond will teach you everything there is to know about breastfeeding. You can rent breast pumps and baby scales, many types of nursing bras, accessories, clothes, etc. Furthermore, you can talk to a certified lactation consultant whenever you have some concerns or questions.

The common opinion is that breastfeeding is great for both baby and mom. But, let’s be honest, it doesn’t always feel like that. Many new parents encounter troubles along the way. New moms often deal with a bad latch and soreness, low supply or oversupply, which can be frustrating. Luckily, some guidance in the right direction will help you get back on track.

Babywearing International of Greater Houston

Babywearing International, just like The Mother Baby Bond, promotes those “natural” experiences between mothers and babies. Unfortunately, those experiences are not always easy to master; so we are lucky to receive guidance. Many moms want to wear their babies, but they aren’t quite sure how to do it.

Babywearing International hosts regular, free educational meetings that give new parents a chance to try on various types of carriers. Also, you can bring your own carrier and ask a certified babywearing educator to demonstrate how to put it on and get your baby inside. Every now and then, there are special events where parents can connect with other babywearers around town.

Birth, Baby, and Beyond

All new parents adore this weekly, free gathering for new parents and caregivers. The gathering is organized by The Woman’s Hospital and is ideal for babies up to a year. New parents can socialize and support each other in these relaxed, informal meetings.

Occasionally, there are guest speakers. All babies are welcome, even those nursing or crying, and parents-to-be can attend as well. The Birth, Baby, and Beyond community is also available on the Internet. Many parents enjoy sharing and connecting, even after their babies have grown up. Affordable childbirth and parenting classes are also available in The Woman’s Hospital.

The Motherhood Center

New moms and expecting moms can enjoy a wide range of services at The Motherhood Center. Whether you are interested in parenting classes, photography, fitness classes, doulas, prenatal massage, or nanny placement services, you will be able to find it at the center.

However, bear in mind that services offered at this center come with a hefty price tag. If you are trying to save money, consider prenatal yoga lessons, as they are more affordable than other offerings. Also, there is a free “Moms’ Talk” support group every Friday morning, as well as occasional free social events.

Bassett Baby Planning

Bassett Baby Planning offers birth and postpartum doula services, childbirth classes, massage, and lactation support, which make childbirth and pregnancy much easier. If you are having problems finding the perfect doula for you, check out the “Meet the Doulas Night.”

This monthly doula speed dating service allows new parents and future parents to meet a variety of doulas. Furthermore, parents can get closer to their potential doulas. This meet-and-greet will surely help you find a perfect match for yourself.

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