The 6 Best Amusement Parks in Texas

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We can all agree that one of the best summer activities for every member of the family is going to an amusement park. And Texas surely has a lot of good ones! Texas is actually where the first Six Flags was built. And not just that – there are more than a few jaw-droppingly amazing amusement parks besides Six Flags.

And if you do find the one that you like the most, make sure to get the seasonal pass. By doing so, you can save quite a few bucks by just going to the park over and over again. Now, we’ve picked six parks in Texas that stand out from the rest.  These are sure to give you thrills like you’ve never had them before.

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Honestly, it was not an easy decision, since there are so many good ones to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Get in the car and enjoy your day out!

1. Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington

As we previously mentioned, this is the first and foremost Six Flags. Not only is it the original park, but it’s also one of the biggest out there. It has 10 themed zones and 13 roller coasters! The Six Flags Over Texas has plenty of activities for everyone – from the youngest of children to the parents.

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Mr. Freeze, one of the most famous roller coasters, is completely in reverse. There’s also the Batman, which is a ride with many twists, and you get flipped upside down quite often. The newest addition to the Texas Six Flags coasters is the Joker. This ride turns you upside-down mercilessly six times.

For those who are not fond of such humongous rides, they can go to Bugs Bunny’s Boomtown or a Broadway-esque show. Furthermore, if you want to experience a gorgeous view of the area, go to the top of the Oil Derrick tower.

2. Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio

Compared to the Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Six Flags Fiesta is equally impressive. For those who are located in the center or south of Houston, this amusement park is way closer.

Fiesta Texas has over 60 coasters altogether, and 9 of those are extreme rides. Thunder Rapids, which is their newest ride, is a lightning-fast water roller coaster. It’s undoubtedly a great way to cool down during hot summer days. And the best thing is – it’s part of the Fiesta Texas Park, so you don’t have to purchase a separate ticket for the water park section of the amusement park.

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Some of Fiesta’s most prominent rides are Goliath (which runs at terrifying 50 miles per hour; and let’s not forget the Poltergeist, a ride with plenty of twists and turns. For the youngest of the bunch, there’s the teacup ride, many train rides, and swings.

3. Morgan’s Wonderland, San Antonio

Morgan’s Wonderland is an authentic amusement park that thinks of everyone. Every individual can enjoy this park, including those with special needs since Morgan’s Wonderland is completely wheelchair accessible. Also, all visitors with special needs can get in free of charge.

There are 25 rides and attractions. These attractions include train rides, playgrounds, and the Ferris wheel. One of the most entertaining parts is the Sensory Village. There, your child can see interactive videos in the Paramount Theatre, ride on realistic mechanical horses, design its own car, go on an imaginary shopping spree at the grocery store…

Besides that, there is also a water park ride – Water Works. And if you want to take a break, go to the amphitheater, where there are live shows which you can watch with your family. Morgan’s Wonderland plans on adding a new attraction to the park soon – Morgan’s Inspiration Island. This is also going to be a splash ride, and it will include waterproof wheelchairs.

4. Kemah Boardwalk, Kemah

This classic gorgeous park in the south of Houston has an old-timey carnival vibe to it. It’s also the cheapest on the list being that it’s more of a carnival than an actual amusement park. But, it does have exciting rides like the other ones, so its place on the list is well-deserved.

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The best attractions in Kemah Boardwalk are the giant carousel, two Ferris wheels – one for the younger visitors and a 65-foot one for the brave ones. There are many other roller coasters, drop rides, and giant swings, too.

Rides for children are numerous, too. From a classic playground to an interactive stingray tank, your child is guaranteed to have fun. And if you get a bit tired, take a break at Landry’s Restaurant and enjoy an exquisite seafood meal with the family.

5. SeaWorld, San Antonio

This park has a bad reputation for some time because of the orca whales which were dying while held in captivity. However, after this incidence, SeaWorld stopped breeding the whales and now raises awareness of sea life extinction. If we look past this, which we should, SeaWorld is an undeniably great amusement park.

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Besides various water rides, there many interactive animal shows, family tours, etc. The most famous splash rides are Rio Loco and Journey to Atlantis. The most recently added attraction is the Wave Breaker, which offers a truly unique experience. The inspiration behind this ride is their mission to rescue endangered animals. And you get to ride jet-ski cars!

In addition, if you want to cool down, you can go to Aquatica, the waterpark next door, which has beaches, slides and a wave pool, of course.

6. ZDT’s Amusement Park, Seguin

This 10-acre family amusement park located in a small Texas town may not be the biggest on the list but is sure one of the most exciting. It features various attractions, from roller coasters and water slides to arcade games and go-karts.

The kids’ favorite is definitely the Jungle Playground, a 6-foot, 5-story high interactive playground. In addition, this playground is indoors, so your kids can avoid the blistering sun and have fun at the same time. When it comes to roller coasters, ZDT has the SwitchBack, their wooden roller coaster, and Dizzy Toucan, a ride which will spin you around like a yo-yo.

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