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By | January 21, 2016
Eric Wong

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The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program is a unique and comprehensive guide on how to train to be an MMA fighter.



A form of contact combat sport, or MMA, mixed Martial Arts, is one of numerous sports that men, as well as girls, love seeing. Eric Wong shares his carefully protected MMA fighting work outs and techniques via a program known as the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning while it may seem complicated and possibly dangerous.

This review will provide you with on what this program is focused on, the way that it works, what makes this an excellent plan, as well as the items which you should think about a gist.

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program Details

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning is a program developed a trainer for assorted UFC fighters, by Eric Wong, from years of fixed as well as expertise study. This is a program that features a combination of ebooks for the stage that is theoretical and videos for the training period. The exercises will not be meant for body-building as the name of this system indicates but also for MMA conditioning.

Believe of the Tabata times: you say a short while, then rest for several minutes, do hardcore work out to get a brief period and continue the work out.

It takes on a claim that is critical that you will be in a position to condition yourself for fighting with just 2 brief workouts per week– a lesser time in relation to the typical 3 to 5 MMA work outs weekly. The program is described in three video demos:

  • Strength – describes MMA strength differs from body-building and the various kinds of strength strength.
  • Cardio – describes cardio and strength conditioning aren’t two distinct things; in fact, he describes how these two work together.
  • Periodization – describes how time approaches may be used efficiently in MMA conditioning.

You’ve got three choices concerning the amount of the program: it is possible to select between 8, 12, and 16 weeks, depending in your preparation time if you’re no MMA fighter, just how long you’ll be able to devote to the program –or before a fight.

Following the 21-day trial period, you’ll have to cover the remaining $57.05. The plan contains the following:

  • Master Guide
  • Training Guide
  • Quickstart Checklist

Why Is This Program a Great Purchase

Eric Wong economically describes science and the theory supporting the workout and training routines in a easily comprehensible manner–no fancy words or complicated scientific languages which will perplex you. This program contains exercises which are well- illustrated in the videos and described through the publication. The work out can be executed by you easily, as well as the software includes demonstration and checklists to turn your training more easy.

The convenience comes with the way the software is designed: 2 , yet intensive that is brief, work outs weekly. This may meet nicely for those not requiring MMA fighting fulltime or those just interested to get MMA conditioning, particularly to any agenda.

All-Inclusive content – Some positives are that it supplies all you should learn about conditioning the body for fight fighting. Combining didactic dialogues and video demonstrations are just two powerful means this application uses, providing you with a feel without seeing a real trainer of your own training expertise.

Program that is versatile – This looks like a great program for newcomers because the program is presented in a straightforward manner. Those people who are thinking about conditioning their bodies for contact fight also can reap the benefits of this program while the program is made for MMA fighters. The demonstrations contain on the way it is possible to just make use of the techniques for general fitness instead of especially for MMA fighting places.

Great value for the cash – Spending $77 while having the ability to get the complete MMA-conditioning expertise and keeping your body fit is an incredibly modest investment for me.

That which We Do Not Like

Digital formats have advantages because they may be instantly accessible and it is possible to save on the expense of shipping. Nonetheless, checklists and publications could be better particularly when you may not possess this system to work. It doesn’t supply a choice to purchase a hard copy format while the pictures appear to describe the program in novel format, it is possible to nevertheless print everything you need of course.

Added expenses – What this means is that join a health club or, you must invest on these substances. Additionally, to get an entire guide on MMA conditioning, you’ll need to create another payment for added offers on guides that are nutritional and weight cutting and tricks that are mental.

It’s not a guide that is complete – Exercises–no hints on nutrition as well as other variables which will optimize your MMA conditioning are simply included by the program. As mentioned, you must individually buy other bonus inclusions as well as the nutritional guides.


It offers simple-to-follow steps how to work out, plus it presents the theory to provide you with a better grasp on why it is being done by you. This can be a great program for combat sport athletes and newcomers who are seeking an application that doesn’t take an excessive amount of time. Nonetheless, this is not a great system for body builders who just need to bulk up.

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The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program is a unique and comprehensive guide on how to train to be an MMA fighter.

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