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Singorama is so comprehensive and easy to follow that there is absolutely no need for a singing coach.


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I understand how frustrating it might be as there is so many and few really any good to cope with online singing applications on the internet. Among typically the most popular right now is Singorama by Melanie Alexander. Yes, I am aware you have tried plenty of other singing vocal applications on the internet, so what makes this one different? Well I did a comprehensive review and made the decision to save you the problem and here’s what I found.

What’s Singorama?

Singorama is a vocal singing software produced by Melanie Alexander. Based on Mander, this is a comprehensive application that will not only educate you enhance your tone, pitch and vocal range but also how to sing. This system comprises the Jayde Musica program 28 heart sound lessons, the Singorama Digital Metronome program, an e book for complex singing techniques that are developing and another ebook called

Last Newbies Direct to Interpretation Music. Additionally there are a number of Singorama Small Footage Studio, the Ideal your Pitch Seasoned and other programs. As it helps you record your voice, the miniature recording studio applications is among the highlights.

Besides these lessons, additionally, you will get their Four Superb Bonuses.

  • Bonus 1 focuses on vocal warmups that prepare your voice for singing that is strong.
  • Bonus 2 contains exercises that may reinforce your vocal cords, and you’ll also understand the way to concentrate on sounds and get to the best notes.
  • Bonus 3 lessons accentuate expanding your vocal range, using the evaluations specially made for stretches your vocal cords.
  • Bonus 4 on the flip side, is made to provide you with the edge over other wannabe singers. The lessons here focus on the Solfege system therefore it’ll be simpler for you yourself to learn tunes that are new.

The Benefits of Singorama

Among the main advantages of Singorama is Melanie Alexander, its originator, is among the very famous vocal coaches in the business plus a recognized specialist. But aside from this, Singorama will get the most performance from your vocals. According Mander, Singorama lets you find the exercises that can best enhance your voice to. In addition:

— The exercises will enlarge your vocal range.

— Singorama is hardly difficult to follow so that you the best way to sing in harmony readily and are able to learn about vibrato.

— Mander does not need any experience, so you’ll gain if you are a new vocalist.

— You do not want any knowledge about tune theory to follow the directions.

— You may use tracks that are initial to be recorded and sing by Singorama.

— so that you may learn the lessons readily, The lessons are arranged increasingly.

— There’s a detailed guide something you seldom find in other singing software.

— So when you have some issues, they’ll be present that will help you, Singorama supplies free e-mail consultation.

Another important advantages of Singorama are the 28 core lessons, which are extremely wide-ranging. Merely to provide you with a notion of the things it is that they cover, warm ups are covered by the very first few lessons, while lesson 3 is about posture and breathing. Lesson 4, 5, 6 and 7 accentuate pitch, tone and the best way to prevent bad habits, while lesson 8 starts your sung extension variety training.

Lesson 9 is about tempo, and lesson 10 places emphasis on learning the major and minor keys. Well that is covered by lesson 12 should you’d like to know the best way to sing distinct music genres. Other issues are making people wish to sing along with you, comprehend much more and lyrics and tunes.

Obviously it isn’t enough to merely read about its advantages, as reviews are quite important also, so I decided to check it out.


You will find plenty of high quality content in the Singorama class. Let us break down the many portions of the lessons:


The Singorama sound class is arranged by lesson, each focusing on a particular issue like the best way to avoid customs that are negative, the way to harmonize, conquering performance anxiety and stage fright, right breathing techniques, posture, music theory, and much more. Once you have got down the fundamentals, you will also find out the way to develop your own “stage presence”, discover the way to make each tune “your own”, and learn how to sing with feeling and expression. The sound lessons build and are numbered on each other in natural advancement.

Those of you who are considering songwriting will probably be quite very happy to understand that there is nearly 3 additional hours of a songwriting mini-class along with 2 associated eBooks, Song Writing Creativity (20 pages) and Superior Songwriting (105 pages). That is amazing for many who would like to eventually have the ability to do their very own original compositions.

The class is filled with excellent exercises to assist you expand your vocal range, reinforce your voice, exercise intervals, and warm up correctly.

Singorama comes with three (3) first Singorama tunes to sing along with. Each tune contains three tracks. The foremost is the full group version, the second is the instrument-only variant, along with the third is the vocals-only variant. They’re all recorded and seem fairly good. If they’d contained lyrics for the songs yet, it might have been fine.


Singorama features more reading content than the majority of the singing lessons we have reviewed on this particular web site though chiefly a sound program. You can find one that covers more advanced content, one for beginners and two multimedia eBooks. All musical examples referenced in the guides are hotlinked to the audio files so that you can readily play with them inside the eBook, a fantastic feature which makes it much less difficult to go through.

There are additionally two bonus eBooks: Guide to Reading Music (32 pages), and Learning Approaches for Singing (15 pages). The former immediately brings you up to speed on enlightens you on many forms of musical notation and how to read music. The latter illustrates how to correctly go about the learning procedure. We urge as it features some very useful guidance you read this early on in your lessons.

Advantages of Singorama

Having a 4 star rating, Singorama has a whole lot to provide. Here are its strong points:

  • Convenience: Contrary to other singing lessons, Singorama is 100% digital. What this means is that you don’t have to wait for it to be sent to you. The aptitude take lessons anytime, from any computer (or even CD/iPod), is suitable.
  • Exceptional Teaching Style: Combining sound lessons with applications games and eBooks keeps things interesting. Additionally they wrote 3 tunes that will help you practice (and with songwriting techniques).
  • Cost: At $47, Singorama is the best alternative below $100 of all the lessons we’ve reviewed by far. Compared to a few of the $200 lessons, it’s the same quantity of content, but they could charge less, since it is digital.
  • Applications Games: Learning by playing games is an enjoyable strategy to enhance your own skills, including Perfect Pitch training, their custom “Mini Recording Studio” and a Notes naming game.

Disadvantages of Singorama

Here will be the most frequent customer complaints about Singorama:

  • No DVDs : Some vocalists favor purchasing a physical product like DVDs, and Singorama is a just digital set, so no books or CDs are contained in the bundle.
  • Audio Quality: Several users have reported a somewhat lower audio quality in comparison to CD-established classes, particularly for the custom tune lessons. Additionally, a high speed Internet connection is preferred for streaming lessons.
  • History Lessons: As an opening, some history information is provided, and a few customers said that they’d prefer to “jump the theory and conceptual items and hit the floor running with lessons”.
  • Claims that are bold: Like so a number of other sites selling things, has some pretty bold claims which should be taken using a grain of salt. It is crucial that you notice this still needs practice, although they’re honest.
  • Singorama is our #1 pick, in case youwant to download your singing lessons as well as burn them into a CD or your iPod. Top it off having a cost that is lower compared to DVD selections that are most widely used, and that is a sound software to think about.


Singorama is an affordable a z class that covers more innovative aspects of singing in addition to the basics and makes an excellent option to get a home study singing program. Priced singing classes or compared to private lessons, Singorama impresses with exceptional worth. We recommended it.


Singorama is so comprehensive and easy to follow that there is absolutely no need for a singing coach.

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