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By | January 22, 2016
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You can try Jamorama for 60 days and if you don’t like it, you can get a refund almost instantly.



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You will most likely be impressed should you visit the Jamorama homepage. The look of your website is clean and pleasant. The planet is promised by the originators of the class. The reviews towards the base of the the page are nothing short of amazing…

…but as all of US understand, it is simple to make bogus claims, and it is even less difficult to create “testimonials” that are totally made up.

Guitar is among the most difficult instruments to master, as you most likely also understand. Having a quality lessons to understand from is certainly essential, if you are not using a teacher – you will be ripping your hair out each single time, if it falls short.

In our view, Jamorama isn’t the best guitar lessons for anybody, regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert. We’ll go over it is very poor below – if you are seeking guitar lessons that are great, have a look at our reviews on JamPlay and GuitarTricks.

Jamorama Details

We wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we did not point out the positive aspects of the class. And do not get us wrong – the class is not anything or a scam; it is simply not worth the cash. It’s possible for you to find better choices even with a few guitar lessons trials that are free.

That is what it does.

Clear videos, slow

Jamorama is composed completely of video tutorials. Have you had it be extremely difficult to check out and ever attempted to locate a tutorial? Believe it or not believe it, many guitar lessons are along identical lines, except instead of being free (like on YouTube), they make you pay.

Happily, Jamorama is not like that. The teacher, Mark, is a gifted guitarist, every one of the lessons are laid out clearly, in order to view everything he is doing at all times, as well as the videos come in total High Definition.

Comparatively inexpensive

So far as guitar lessons go, $10/month is comparatively cheap, and Jamorama even provides you with the option to buy 12 months for $60 (half price). Nevertheless, there are a lot of other guitar lessons in this budget.

Money-back guarantee

It’s possible for you to attempt Jamorama for 60 days and you can get a refund nearly immediately in case you do not enjoy it. But at the same time, in the event you do not enjoy it, you have squandered weeks of your life attempting to follow a subpar class, and you are on the hunt for a new one yet again… instead of using that time to get better at guitar.

Sadly, we could just actually record those three positives for Jamorama. Where it falls below, we’ll go over.

What Jamorama lacks

A lot of information, completely zero practice

Think back to when you’re during middle school in math course. New theory was introduced by the teacher after theory that was new, and you will have comprehended them. But it was quite hard when you needed to return and remember them from memory while you had been doing your assignments, and you also frequently had to meticulously search through the huge mathematics textbook to get help.

Here’s another, more strong analogy: what if the teacher did not make you do any homework whatsoever? What will happen if your teacher only taught you these notions day in and day out, but never had you practice before the final exam, when you had been expected to make use of these concepts all simultaneously to solve complex problems? (Or issues that were complicated to get a middle schooler, at least.)

It could have been virtually impossible, and you’ll have failed. Even in the event the test was open-book, you’d need to hunt through the textbook that is huge, as well as the test would require you forever.

It is possible to probably see where we are heading with this. Jamorama describes beginner concepts certainly, but the class does not supply any quizzes (to make sure you comprehend it) or exercise tunes (to make sure you can really do it).

The single means you will have the ability to tell should you understand the content is by attempting to play with a real tune, which can be like that final exam – you must mix these concepts all simultaneously. In case you can not recall even one, the tune does not work… it is not like you can recall 80% of what you need to do and have it seem great. (Just as if you can not remember only 80% of your mathematics concepts to solve a complete issue – if you do, the solution will be incorrect.)

Here is the key issue. The practice isn’t, although the information is there in an ordered manner. Listening to videos doesn’t imperfect – practice does. And for those who need to find your own personal practice, that sort of defeats the reason for a guitar class, right?

Fluff – about learning guitar, not totally

Mark contains some facts regarding the real history of guitar in every video… which is trendy, we guess. But when you are seeming to find out the best way to play guitar – and not learn the annals of guitar – then this advice is not useful, and contemplating how it is in every lesson, you will spend hours on the entirety of the class listening to it.

No associated text lessons

Videos are not for everyone. Many people prefer to follow text directions line-by line rather than needing to rewind the video again and again. Jamorama does not have the stuff you need if you are among those individuals.

Why it is not worth it

We’ll be reliable – Jamorama is an excellent jumping off point. You will find out the best way to string and tune a guitar, you will learn the chords, and you will acquire some cool information in regards to the instrument you are holding.

But past that, it falls short. Other classes (like GuitarTricks and JamPlay) don’t fall short – they contain all the information that Jamorama does, plus training quizzes, plus training tunes, plus text lessons… there is not any reason to get Jamorama when you can find other, better classes out there in the exact same cost.

So, sorry Jamorama, yet this review is not positive. Overall, we had provide the class a 3/10 – Mark tries his best to educate, but because of the lack of back-up to his teaching, unless you’ve an abnormally great memory, you’ll not be prepared to play real guitar tunes without hunting through each of the videos to relearn the concepts you need for the specific tune.


You can try Jamorama for 60 days and if you don’t like it, you can get a refund almost instantly.

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