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By | January 21, 2016
Review of: BTV Solo

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On January 21, 2016
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BTV Solo software costs $37. For the next few days you can get lifetime access to BTV Solo for just $7. 60-day guarantee. It's just that simple.



BTV solo


BTV Solo has created a serious buzz in the beat making community since its apearance in 2012. No wonder since it is a somewhat stripped down applications edition of the award winning Beat Thang, a drum machine co produced by star producer and Grammy winner Jimmy Austin (Michael Jackson, Will.I.Am, Lady Gaga…).

BTV Solo is readily available to get a portion of the cost, 39$ to be exact while the hardware Beat Thang prices about 700$ from the time of the writing, its applications variant.

Examine and I made the decision to purchase the entry level beat making applications to find out whether it is as strong and enjoyable to make use of acclaimed.

What I found out is that it is different than other inexpensive beat manufacturer applications in a variety of ways. In my BTV Solo review I show my feelings and experiences (playing around with it and making some beats.)

BTV Solo Review

BTV Solo runs on both Mac and PCs. Right following the purchase it set up and may be downloaded using the PC. It can’t be used online, but as mentioned in other posts on this particular website I champion applications which is set up on the computer for stability and operation reasons.

Setup on my mac book pro was not blemished. I was surprised that it was up and running in less then 5 seconds when I opended BTV Solo for the very first time.

Unlike lots of beat manufacturer applications for under 50 $, BTV Solo seems professional and pleasant. Really it resembles the hardware Beat Thang. A good feature is that one can select from different skins to fit your individual style as well as essence.

Creating Beats Using This Beat Making Applications

To make beats as compared to other applications bTV Solo uses an extremely distinct strategy. In the rival applications, one is needed to drag the notes, then edit them utilizing a mouse. In this program, the sounds are tapped in through the drum pads. The pads could be activated by mini-computer keyboards, computer keyboard or a mouse.

It can be a bit tricky to beginning by means of a mouse once again after used to dragging notes. Yet, it takes only several hours of good use to get accustomed, after which there isn’t any turning back to the old notes dragging technique. The program returns about 1,000 sounds in 16 Bit wav format, 44.1 kHz. They go to sung, guitars, synths, FX, larger keys as well as horn on a tremendous range from all sorts of drums and percussion. The capacity to tweak sounds makes the applications be noticeable in the opposition. The inbuilt tools empower an attractive approach as well as a simple to shape sound. All the tools allow tweaking each sound individually.


BTV Solo is delivered with about 1000 sounds in 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz wav format. They cover a broad range to an extensive array of guitars, keys, synths horns as well as a great number of sung as well as other FX from a variety of drums and percussions.

I had been really pleased with the character of the sounds large, that sound polished and professional. I especially enjoyed the drums and percussions which have organic although that clean on the top R&B feel. Glossy highs, a BIG underside as well as clear mids.

All sounds are nicely arranged in instruments and drum kits. They previewed and may be loaded by double clicking them in the browser of BTV Solo.

Aditionally any sounds in WAV format may be imported into BTV Solo. After imported they arranged in a fresh one or can be added to present kits.

Tweaking sounds

What actually sets BTV Solo apart from the rivals of it’s is it is arsenal of sound and effects shaping tools. Lots of these enable you to tweak every sound in depth seperately. Some can just be put on tracks.

With the enclosed sound shapers and effects sounds may be changed from discreetly to radically. It is possible to create new sounds from present ones which opens up a creative playground of its own, should you edit sounds.

To be clear: Effects section and an extensive sound formation is not unusual in DAWs that are higher priced. In the budget under 50$ this is exceptional.


Another important advantage of BTV Solo over most affordable beat making software is the expandability of it’s.

What I mean by that are three things:

  • It is possible to join a MIDI keyboard for enjoyment and more convenience.
  • It is possible to join an expert Audio Interface/Soundcard for performance and better sound.
  • You’ve got the choice to update at a subsequent time, the big brother of BTV Solo, to BTV. BTV advertising two attributes to BTV Solo: a) On board sample and b) VST/AU-functionality and that means you are able to use your BTV as a virtual instrument within any leading DAW like Logic, Cubase, Albleton Live, FLStudio and many more.

The Pros

Its advantages include but aren’t restricted to:

  • Suited to beginners: The navigation, layout, functionality and versatility allow it to be simple to make use of the program. Beginners find it resourceful due to the low costs.
  • Sound importation: ability to import own sounds to the library in the kind of aiff 16- wav sound files and 24 bit in regards to sampling gives it a plus.
  • Drum Kits and Pre-filled Sound: The beginners discover thousands of creative and unique done sounds and drum kits to maintain the imagination going.
  • Sample and Chop: Import song or any film and chop, making the adjustments that are needed to get the required track.
  • The results of the Tones: lots of on-board effects to create some amusing and cool sounds, letting you play around to decide on some initial sounds that are exceptional.
  • Other great advantages range from the capacity to update to higher degree BTV, which offers more features, Soundcard support that is professional, connection to the MIDI keyboard also it gives a professional sound that is strong.

The Disadvantages

Here are its weaknesses:

  • The workflow isn’t appealing.
  • There’s absolutely no choice for the setup of VSTi’s (virtual studio technology). It cannot, thus, be combined with other VSTi Audio Workstations.


You feel can see and hear that professional music producers have created BTV Solo. It does not attempt to duplicate the functionality and workflow known of major DAWs like Cubase, Logic or Pro Tools. Instead it’s intended as a beat making instrument in the tradition of classic drum machines like the EMU SP 1200 or Akai MPCs.

BTV Solo has everything needed for making urban dance music or professional hip hop beats but does not include any characteristics that were unneccesary. It is a software for professionals and newbies alike. Its simple use allows beginners to make great sounding beats. As well as the exceptional workflow as well as the great, professional sounds can provide a pro new inspiration.

If you’re need to begin making beats or buying new beat making tool you need to give an attempt to BTV Solo. It is undoubtedly worth lots of interesting as well as the cost create music with.

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BTV Solo software costs $37. For the next few days you can get lifetime access to BTV Solo for just $7. 60-day guarantee. It's just that simple.

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